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High Performing 
Work Teams through Collaborative Leadership


At McFadden Partnering Group, we help leaders and teams drive results effectively and consistently.  We help take the unpredictability out of work performance.  Some of our methodologies are:

  • Building a Shared Vision of Success

  • Effective Communication

  • Collaborative Leadership Skills

  • Proactive Measures to Head Off Issues

  • Establishing Performance Metrics

  • Proactive "look aheads" to Avoid Delays

  • Leadership Coaching

    • 360 Degree Feedback

    • Development Plans

  • Leveraging the Myers-Briggs 

  • Achieving Team/Project Success






A High-Quality, Consistent Approach

with a Unique Personality

Lauren, founder of McFadden Partnering Group, and her team bring a positive, upbeat and energetic style to her speaking, coaching and  workshops. They help people work together efficiently, and help your organization or team promote an overall culture of collaboration, empowerment, and accountability.


While the MPG team brings their own unique and proven style, your organization will be assured they use a high quality, consistent approach that is seamlessly aligned with your organization's vision, values and culture.  

A Message from Lauren


Thank you for visiting my website. I have worked with some really fantastic people in the heavy civil construction industry over the 23 years. While each organization, team, and project has its own unique set of circumstances, people and challenges, it's a great feeling knowing that I have been able to support hundreds of industry leaders, and over 275 project teams to achieve their definition of success.


I understand the challenges of our industry all too well.  Dropped balls, miscommunication, unexpected existing conditions, conflicting priorities, hidden agendas, fluctuating materials costs,  long-lead times, mistrust, multiple stakeholders (with multiple definitions of success), tight budgets, disputes, conflicts in plans, and aggressive contract times. All of this can leave people feeling like they under a lot of pressure to perform, with a myriad of variables that are out of their control. 

None of us can control all the variables, but we can help you mitigate the challenges proactively with the right tools and skills to help ensure the greatest opportunity for success. 


Our coaches and always bring positive energy, effective flow, and a no nonsense ability to identify and address key issues.  We guarantee that your organization or project team will be better prepared for the road ahead. Pun intended.  Please set up a time for us to meet, or shoot me an email to discuss how we can make your efforts at high performance low stress and high success.  You'll be glad to have us as a partner!

                                                                                                    Kindest Regards,


Lauren A. McFadden, MA, HPT


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