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Build Successful Construction Projects

We have been serving construction teams for over 25 years.  We love what we do and it shows in our results.   

Trusted By:


“Lauren is one of the most significant reasons for my personal success and the company successes over the 32 years I was an executive VP at Ajax Paving Industries of Florida. Lauren’s understanding of human nature, business, team building and taking responsibility are second to none.”

- Mark Minich, Former VP, Ajax Paving

"We were free to  discuss everything needed to put the project on good footing moving forward" - Dwayne Watts, CNATT

"Excellent work, good management of time, and very respectful and professional!"

- Rhoda A. Moreno, USACE

"I would rate today as the most productive partnering event I've participated in - thank you!"

- Mike Stout, Sr. Project Manager, P.E. Gilbane

"Excellent workshop! I can't imagine how the stakeholders could have moved to execution without this interaction. Just an excellent way to kick off a major project like this - super prepared to move forward now!" - Albert Zuniga, Future Capabilities Branch, HQ Hickam Airforce Base, Hawaii  



At McFadden Partnering Group, we see the effort, skills, and dedication you contribute for a smooth, successful project. We also see the variables that can make a project start to spin out of control. There can be: 

  • Supply chain issues 

  • Dropped balls 

  • Tight budgets  

  • Unexpected existing conditions 

  • Conflicting priorities 

  • Hidden agendas 

  • Fluctuating material costs 

  • Long lead times 

  • Utility Conflicts

  • Conflicts in plans

  • Multiple stakeholders

  • Aggressive schedules 

Our facilitators have an in-depth understanding of how any of these unforeseen challenges can result in conflicting priorities, miscommunications, and a team that can start to unravel.  With experience supporting over +300 teams, we can help you navigate these challenges so communication and trust is even stronger.


We implement time-proven strategies to support your teams' projects - safe, on schedule, within budget, and with unparalleled success. 


At McFadden Partnering, we take pride in customizing our facilitation services to meet your vision for your team.  What do you want to accomplish? 

You can expect a productive and impactful experience focused on tangible results.

All Hands In

Our approach to Internal Partnering improves team performance and employee engagement.  Teams work together more seamlessly and collaboratively for better results.


Government agencies have their own unique culture and language.  With over 25 years supporting Government  agencies, McFadden helps improve communication, alignment, and ultimately results. 

Construction Crane

Construction partnering is a proven approach to building successful projects - with teams that rate higher job satisfaction.

A Message from Lauren and Catherine ... 

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Thank you for visiting our site!
We have worked with some amazing team across the globe over the last 25 years.  We are honored to be a part of an industry that contributes so much from global security to local transportation.  
Our purpose is to help teams be successful, and also help you create a team environment where people work well together and enjoy being part of the joint effort.

Let's discuss how we can make your efforts toward a safe, profitable, on time project with low stress and high success.  


Dedicated to Your Success,


Lauren & Catherine  

Lauren A. McFadden, MA, HPT

Catherine Munn, M.Ed


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