Partnering Facilitation


McFadden Facilitation and Mediation provides all services needed to design, implement and evaluate construction partnering programs. The company can assist with a comprehensive program from start-up to closeout. Our services include:


  • Program design and evaluation

  • Facilitation of Partnering workshops

  • Materials for Partnering programs

  • Comprehensive workshop reports

  • Turn-key meeting arrangements

  • Follow-up meeting facilitation

  • Team building

Our Programs & Workshops


McFadden Partnering Group develops different programs for the Partnering process. Each program and workshop takes into account the experiences of the participants, including:


  • Teams with little or no Partnering experience

  • Teams with some Partnering experience

  • Teams with extensive Partnering experience

  • Teams who have already worked together on other projects

  • Agencies/companies which desire internal team building.


As each project/team is new and different, the final program is tailored to meet the specific needs of our client and the needs of the participants.

Types of Workshops We Facilitate


Initial Workshops

  • These focus on the project at hand, including issues, goals, problem solving, and effective conflict management.


Turn-around Workshops

  • Turn-around Workshops When project teams need to refocus their efforts on effective issue resolution, conflict management and improving communication.


Maintenance Workshops

  • These short workshops help to keep teams and projects on track by allowing teams to discuss both the positives and negative aspects of the project and focus on maintaining a strong team.


Facilitated Issue Resolution

  • Very specific facilitated sessions focussing on project issues and coming to resolution.


Close-out Workshops

  • Designed to help finalize the end of the project, discuss construction and design challenges and helps to focus on improving future projects.





Mediation for construction disputes has become more and more common. Many contracts now require a form of mediation as a condition entering into some kind of formal dispute resolution process forum. 


Construction disputes can be complex with numerous interconnected issues. A mediation's success can almost be predicted by the strength of the mediator.  There is no substitute for an experienced construction mediator.  With so many documents and factors to sift through, it is easy for the parties to get bogged down and lose focus of the critical issues. Lauren McFadden specializes in helping the parties involved understand the issues and find a resolution that doesn't involve the legal system. 




The mediator is ultimately the person that everyone desires to turn to as the voice of reason. Lauren McFadden helps bring clarity and focus to the issues at hand. She understands the very different goals and perspectives of contractors, owners and the other involved parties, including the experts who often have a primary role in presenting on behalf of their clie


Lauren Understands Construction Issues


Lauren understands the complex technical nature of construction disputes and can help the parties separate the issues that matter from the issues that do not.  The credibility that a seasoned construction mediator like Lauren McFadden is invaluable. She will bring clarity to the issues and soften unreasonable positions.