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TJ Guest

Project Manager, CMC Inc.

"On behalf of Coastal Marine, I'd like to thank you for your efforts and a job well done. I admit to being skeptical originally as to the benefits of the partnering meeting over typical project meetings but have no hesitation noting that this meeting, as hosted by you, was very beneficial and has helped everyone gain a collective focus on a diverse set of topics, at least. Many thanks again." 



"Lauren, you did an outstanding job with the initial Partnering session for the I-75 project in Collier County.  I have been to several partnering meetings and been under-whelmed and bored with all the "kumbaya" sessions. However, while your meeting was entertaining, it flowed and stayed focused on the task. Great way to start the project! " 



Tom Deer, PE

Kinard Stone, Inc. Senior Project Engineer

Charlie McCleaf

Project Superintendent, AJAX Paving Industries

"Lauren, just wanted to send a note to commend you on the session today with FDOT, KSI and Ajax. I have been to many of these meetings and found your presentation very informative and professional. Thank you for making it interesting."



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