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Successful Heavy Civil Construction Projects

Who hasn't been on a project where things just did not go as planned?  If you have escaped this, you are either you new to the industry or VERY lucky!!  Many of us say, that it's not IF something will go wrong, is it WHEN something will go wrong!  It's not that we are pessimists, it's that we are realists. Let's face it, multi-million dollar construction projects, with multiple stakeholders, partners, and sub-contractors, are not known for being easy and low stress.  Even though, construction can be fraught with unexpected existing conditions, unplanned mishaps, conflict, and delays, there are things you can do to lower your stress level, head-off issues, resolve disputes, and avoid delays.  

Amy Cleveland

Experienced Partnering Facilitators


McFadden Partnering Group's Partnering Facilitators are highly sought after seasoned professionals.  They engage teams with an authentic, empowering and pragmatic approach to problem solving, visioning, planning, and execution.   As professional neutral third parties, they assist project teams with:

  • Project team collaboration

  • Building a shared vision of success

  • Effective communication/conflict resolution

  • Proactive measures to avoid disputes

  • Establish performance metrics

  • Detailed action plans

  • Proactive "look aheads" to head off issues

  • Building work relationships

  • Accomplishing safe, on-time, in-budget, to specs

  • Achieving a Share Vision for Project Success

With over 300 heavy civil construction partnering projects completed successfully, and 40 years combined experience, you can feel confident you are in good hands!


Reach out to McFadden Partnering Group today to support you on your next construction project!


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Amy Cleveland

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