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Collaborative Leadership

Whether leading a construction team, or a team within your business, leadership can be challenging. You are responsible for so much, yet it can feel like you have control over so little.  No matter what you try, you still have team members who are:

  • Not fully engaged and motivated

  • Not fitting in with the culture

  • Chronically absent or unproductive

  • Not impressing the client

  • A negative influence on others

  • Simply not performing


Over our 30 years of working with leaders and teams, we have seen the same frustrating patterns repeat themselves.  You know the result you want, but no matter what you try, it feels like ground hog day!  It can feel like a big time and energy drain, with low or no impact.  This can be discouraging and can even bleed into your personal life. 


At McFadden Partnering Group, we've seen these disconnects between what you are looking for from your team, and what you are actually getting from your team, over and over. 


Spoiler Alert!  The title of leader doesn't automatically come with all the tools you need to be effective.  Some say leaders are born, not made, but it's not true. Contrary to popular belief, leadership skills are learned - and when properly applied, can turn even the most stubborn challenges around. 


But how do you find leadership coaching and training that is designed specifically to your industry? 

At McFadden Partnering Group, we cater specifically to the heavy civil construction industry.  We have worked with hundreds of leaders, in hundreds of companies like yours.  Our goal is to provide you the tools you need to lead effectively - so your work-day is more enjoyable and rewarding, you are getting the maximum results possible.  Just as important,  when you go home - you can actually enjoy your personal life, knowing you were effective and made a positive difference at work.

Lauren leading .jpg

At McFadden Partnering Group, we believe every leader deserves to have a career they excel in and feel good about.   When you have the right mindset, tools and skills to lead effectively, you have the confidence to have the tough conversations, make the difficult calls, and have transparent, effective communication with your team.  You can empower and encourage your team to be their absolute best and give 100% effort to the task at hand.  You can have commitment - instead of barely having compliance. 

At the end of the work day, you should be able to leave work at work knowing you were effective in your role as a leader, and enjoy your personal time stress-free.

To learn more about our leadership development programs, contact us at or schedule a free consultation by clicking on the link

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